Thursday, March 18, 2010

Zippy on Usury

Zippy Catholic has been back and blogging strong for some time now.

I would recommend in a particular way a recent series of posts that he has offered on the topic of usury. Since I don't see an index there at his site, I've taken the time to compile one here for ease of access, because I think the whole lot worth reading and considering:

March 05: How about some non-usurious loans?

March 07: Usury, or Burning Down the House

March 08: Fisk Pervenit and The Dumb-Ox on non-recourse productive investments

March 09: Usury and the Language Barrier

(Also, pay attention to follow the internal link in the first post to the conversation on the matter Zippy had last March on this topic. It's all very fine reading.)

If you finish all of that (and the wonderful extended discussion in the comment strains), then I encourage you to also check out this brief assessment of the matter by the great Belloc himself, or this slightly longer excerpt.

I'll be doing some updates to the blogroll over the next few days, and making a couple more additions to the Distributist's Bookshelf. Stay tuned.

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