Saturday, January 23, 2010


That is, more Brown. Or a pun on "downer." Take your pick.

Any way you slice it, the lessons we learn here are wide-reaching. A lot of good currents coming to the surface with this recent election in Massachusetts. A lot of murky flotsam, too.

This is opportunity for healthy, robust discussion amongst those working to bring about the Reign of Christ the King. Such a discussion is happening over at Mark Shea's blog. I really recommend checking it out. Mark brings his usual acerbic wit to the matter, and the combox is all abuzz.

For my part, I continue to urge caution and balanced perspective. We must remain sober and not allow the triumphalism of the ruling classes in their victories to distract us from the lacunae that the little ones of YHWH always manage to fall through. Remember: the best measure of the justice of any social order, or society, is its treatment of its least members. And remember what a myriad of faces Christ wears when he takes to the breadlines in rags or returns naked to the womb of women in crisis. We still have a lot of work to do, and there is no victory that we can really celebrate except His.

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