Monday, December 7, 2009

Fix Bayonets!

I know next to nothing about this guy. I am not endorsing his political platform, or his candidacy, or his character. I would need to do much more research before I would even think of doing such. The little that I have read on his "issues" page contains much that I could see eye-to-eye with him on, and a bit that I would want more nuanced.

But he made a speech, and the speech was good. And the reason it was good is that it's true. He gets what's happening. That music I talked about before - he's heard it. And he's starting to march to the tune. And others seem to be hearing it. Can you?

Mark me again: we're going to see more like this as we go forward. There's something brewing, and it may turn to good or ill, but it's out job to be attuned to it and know what's going on and not get caught unawares. We can harness the power of revolution and the fire of men's hearts for doing good. We need to act, though. The storm is coming...

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  1. wow. I like him so far. Makes me wish I were a Floridian. Do you think we could find somebody like this in NJ?


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