Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christus Rex

Today is the liturgical solemnity of Christ the King. In a way, today might be considered the feast day of this blog, which is dedicated to bringing about the reign of Christ the King to the greatest extent possible within society.

The homily where I attended Mass today called for attention and devotion to Saint Thomas More: to the lessons to be learned from his life and the help to gained by his intercession. He has been on my sidebar since day one, because he is a crucial figure for the proposed reclamation of the social reign for Christ's dominion.

The recent "Manhattan Declaration" is a worthy embodiment of the ethic of this great saint, who was always "the King's good servant, but God's first." As the health care debate kicks into full swing, and the battle over the redefinition of marriage and all that that contest entails finds its way into new States, we need to remain vigilant, pray for our leaders - social and ecclesial - and remember that Christ has no voice in this world if not our own.