Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm...

Well, I'm coming out of hiding. There is a lot to talk about. A lot of change, facing the rising seas and the waxing storm - both in my personal life and in the world at large. My mind has not been idle. I've been thinking, reading, praying about social charity and social justice every day. But I just haven't been able to catch fire and write. Something in me has been poised, waiting with a kind of baited anticipation, a still and serene snowscape before the pebble that starts the avalanche. Not that the flow down the mountain will be strong enough to overcome anything; please don't mistake me as trying to characterize my output here as formidable thought. I doubt whether I am very well equipped indeed to enter the discussions into which I will shuffle with my two cents. But my thoughts are honest thoughts, and they are I think thoughtful. And I will continue to share them with whoever will accept them in charity, and wait to receive any who will share their own in kind.

The "pebble" aforementioned is this: a rigorous discussion (although, I fear, somewhat heated and overblown with occasional meanness) taking place over at Father Z.'s. The catalyst for debate is rumour of the Pope's new encyclical which pundits expect may be signed tomorrow. When the translation will be prepared is uncertain.

The thought of a new social encyclical, the many possibilities that entails, obviously has me pondering. I am anxious to see Pope Benedict's mind turn to these issues for which John Paul II showed famous academic interest and solicitude. I am struck even with some trepidation, both for the encylical's contents and its reception. Like one of the commenter's at Father's blog, I hold my breath when the Vatican begins to express specific opinion about economic policy. I do believe in a certain autonomy to the (albeit soft) science of economics. However, I cannot subscribe to the classically liberal tenets of many squawking over at WDTPRS.

So, there the stage is set for my own holding forth on these matters. Whether the letter comes tomorrow or not, I'll have something to say, so stay tuned. And thanks for sticking with me through the long winter. There'll be more said of that, too, ere long. Oremus pro invicem, friends.

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