Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Night is Darkest Before the Dawn

I'm sure you're all eagerly awaiting what I have to say about The Dark Knight. Well, I have plenty to say and am waiting only to see the film once more before I unleash it all on unsuspecting passers-by. In the meantime, however, fear not. There are plenty of other lights, brighter than what my intellect could muster, already shining on the subject.


... them...

... out.

Be warned, spoilers in some of those reviews. My own will be a mess of spoliation, another reason it's better that I wait a bit longer to post.

A thumbnail of what I have to say: Nolan has made an epic film which does not redefine a genre (he had already done that with the first film in the series) but explodes that definition and takes it to new philosophical horizons.

There are other things coming soon as well. See the sidebar.

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  1. I am very excited for your review - the three ones you posted are all excellent!


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